Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Canadian Christmas Swap 2017

There might not be any white stuff outside yet but we are already dreaming of Christmas 😉 Which means it is time to talk about the Canadian blogger (and more!) Christmas swap. Lindsey and I are excited to be hosting it for the 6th year in a row!

We love how excited people get about it and how people come back each year to participate. Plus, it’s a fun way to “meet” new people and of course get an exciting ornament and package in the mail.

Previously we only had this open to bloggers but have decided to open it up to all social media people – having a blog is a bonus!

Here are the details – read carefully please!
  • You must be willing to share the package you receive on your blog and/or social media. If possible please use the hashtag #canadianbloggerchristmas on Instagram so we can all check out the photos posted there.
  • Leave a comment on this post or (Lindsey's) by November 3, 2017 if you want to participate
  • You will have to spend $20 (before shipping) on the package
  • The package must include an ornament. You are more than welcome to add anything else you want to the package.
Other important dates to keep in mind
  • Partners will be announced on both of our blogs the week of November 6 – 10th, 2017. You will also receive an email with your partners information from Lindsey or I.
  • Packages must be mailed out by Friday December 1, 2017.
  • The link up will be posted on our blogs on December 13, 2017.
If you have any questions please let us know!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

{gabriel}: four months

Blanket from Eenvoudig - Simply Unique
You can find his previous updates here:

One month
Two months

Three months 

I have a feeling Gabe is going outgrow that blanket soon :(  

Weight/length: I weighed him two weeks ago when we were at the pediatrician for Amelia, but he was wearing clothes. He was just under 14lbs, so I'm guessing he is over it now. Not sure about the length, and we go for his next vaccinations next Saturday, so I'll update then.

Hair/eyes: still super blonde and his eyes are still very blue 

Diapers/clothes: we moved him up to size 2 diapers as he kept having blowouts. We also switched to Pampers baby dry as you get more per box and they are very similar to swaddlers. We weren't huge fans of the Kirkland brand diapers. 

In terms of clothes, he's solidly wearing 6 month sleepers, and onesies. He can still wear some 3 month pants, but they are getting a bit short on him.  


  • still absolutely loves the bath! He would happily stay in there for a long time just splashing away
  • his sister and watching what she's doing
  • his hands! They are constantly in his mouth or sucking on his thumb to fall asleep
  • making squawking sounds- he just discovered this in the last couple days
  • rolling over and not staying in the same spot

Henry and Gabe
  • not much that he hates besides not getting attention or laying flat on his back
Eating: he is still 100% breastfed and usually eats after each nap and 1-3 times per night. Yes, he sure loves eating! I mentioned it on my IG story yesterday, but I feel like I haven't been able to fill him up completely lately, so he has been getting more bottles with frozen breast milk. 

Sleeping: this would be the biggest change in the past month. Around 3.5 months old, we started doing some sleep training to remove the need to swaddle/rock and soother. Our biggest goal was for Gabe to be able to fall asleep on his own without us having to rock him forever and then have him wake up when we put him down. The first few nights were a bit rough in terms of crying and how long it took him to get to sleep, but it clicked after a couple days combined with him figuring out rolling onto his belly. I kept rolling him back over, but he would roll right back, so we let him stay that way and he sleeps that way all night.  

Right now, the routine for bedtime is that he has a bath, pjs, nurses, reads a book and is put down in his crib on his belly. He will maybe make a peep or two, but will fall asleep on his own within ten minutes. He usually goes to bed anywhere between 7-7:30pm. The middle of the night sleep still isn't that great (he wants to eat and won't settle without it, so I'm going with it for now). Though he has given me multiple nights of sleeping from 7-2 or 3am, which is great. He is usually up between 6:30-7:30am in the morning.

In terms of naps, he has 3-4 naps per day ranging from 45 to 2 hours. His morning nap and last nap of the day are usually in the crib, and then depending on what we are doing that day, he will have a longer one in his car seat. Not super ideal, but if I want to leave the house it works for now. 


Monday, October 16, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Monday everyone! We had a good week last week, so let's see what we were up to:

Tuesday: Amelia had her class in the morning, and after it, we went to pick up a couple things for Gabe that I was buying from a buy and sell group. It was near a park that we hadn't been to yet, so we stopped to check it out. 

Wednesday: Amelia was at the day home, so Gabe and I had a super quiet day at home. I cleaned the floors, and the bathroom, and did a workout. We also went to vote in the advance voting as I figured voting day would be pretty busy.  It was kind of nice not to do much during the day. 

All bundled up to walk to pick up Amelia
Thursday: we ventured down to East Village to join Tara's (aka Top Knot Mommy on IG) babes with babes workout class. Amelia ended up being the only toddler there, but she still did great. She helped Tara demonstrate moves and cheered us on. After the class, we stopped by to check out the other mural they were working on when we found the puppy dog mural last week. They finished and it's pretty amazing!

Friday: we headed to the library for our weekly trip to get some new books. When we got there, a story time was just starting, so we joined in and Amelia loved it! She got right up to the front and was singing/dancing along. 

Saturday: we had no plans for the day, and since it was nice out, decided to head out to Cobb's adventure park after reading Alison's post about it.  We got there around noon and thought it would be busier, but it wasn't too bad. It ended up being pretty windy, but we luckily brought lots of layers. We only bought tickets to see the kangaroos, and none of the other paid attractions, but it was fine for Amelia. She LOVED the bouncy castles and could have stayed there all day. She also loved the potato sack slide and laughed her head off going down every time. Well worth the cost of admission!

Sunday: in the morning, I took Harley for a run and then did some yard work (aka raked up the crazy amount of leaves in the backyard).  We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out at home. In the late afternoon, we had a totally last minute photo shoot with Delle of T07 photography. She was photographing our neighbours and happened to have some free time afterwards. Can't wait to see how they turned out! After our photo shoot, Brian made us a delicious steak dinner!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday

Hello Friday! So happy to see you here. We actually had a good week in terms of not many melt downs and things we did. Though having Brian home with us is always nice :)

{one} I was doing a workout on Tuesday, and Amelia wanted to join in with me. I didn't realize that she had come up behind me (I was laying on the ground doing a move), and I elbowed her right in the nose. Poor girl got an instant bloody nose and I felt so bad. Luckily, all was good once I got her a new outfit and cleaned her up.

{two} I can't believe it's already the middle of October! That means it's my birthday soon and that I really need to get on Christmas shopping. What's the "cool" toys this year? I find buying stuff for our nieces and nephew hard- I'd rather get them an experience than more toys, but it's hard to come up with ideas.  

{three} I haven't posted much about it lately, but we still meal plan every week. I find it helps us from scrambling to figure out what to have that night and to cut down on the number of trips to the grocery store. We've also been doing click-n-collect lately, which is a huge help.  I always like trying recipes that others have tried, so here are some that we've had recently:

Sweet potato turkey shephards pie 
Maple soy glazed salmon 
Chicken pot pie soup (you were right Lindsey- it's pretty good!) 
Brussel sprouts and sweet potato noodle bowl

{four} I won a giveaway for a sensory table on Facebook, and it arrived the other night. Super excited to try it out with Amelia! I also ordered some water beads, which I've heard good things about. For those of you who have one, what is your favourite activity to do with it? Looking for ideas to keep Amelia entertained while Gabe naps.

{five} have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scenes from the week + end

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving weekend? We did, and I'm pretty sure I ate way too many treats this weekend. 

Monday: we got our first snowfall of the season overnight, so we had a quiet day hanging out at home. Amelia kept asking to go outside, so we bundled up and headed out. She loved it! Gabe and I didn't love it as much. We also baked cookies and painted Amelia's nails while Gabe napped.

Amelia fought her nap in the afternoon, so I bundled the kids up to head to the library, and of course they both fell asleep two minutes from the library. Ah well. I ended up dropping off our books and then drove home to hang out in the garage while they napped.

Tuesday: Amelia had her class in the morning, so Gabe and I ran to the dollar store to pick up some craft supplies during it. Other than that, I can't remember what else we did.

Wednesday: we walked Amelia over to the day home in the morning, and then had a quiet morning at home. In the afternoon, we ran to Once Upon a Child and the mall for a couple things. I also went to a Orange Theory Fitness class that night while Brian hung out with our neighbour watching the hockey game.

Thursday: Amelia had an appointment at the pediatrician in the morning, which ended up being quicker than I thought. When we got home, our neighbours daughter was outside, so the kids played for a bit before lunch. Like I mentioned on IG, I'm so glad we moved to our street and have great neighbours. 

Amelia decided not to nap again in the afternoon, so we did some crafts while Gabe napped. 

Friday: it was a semi nice day out, so I decided to take the kids to the zoo. It ended up being a bit colder than I expected, but we still had fun. Amelia loves the animals, so I'm glad we got a seasons pass. 

Since we were going by it on our way home, I decided to find the rainbow wall to show Amelia. We ended up getting a little lost (aka I have the worst sense of direction though I was close!) on the way there, and ended up finding this cool dog mural. 

Saturday: we packed up the car and made the drive up to Edmonton in the morning. Gabe slept almost the whole way there except for the last ten minutes.  We didn't do much except hang out at Brian's parents house and I took Harley for a long walk.

Sunday: in the morning, Brian took the kids to see his grandma so I had some time to myself, so I did a quick workout before stuffing myself at dinner. Before dinner at my BIL and SIL's house, I convinced Brian to play IG husband and he took some pictures of us at a cool mural wall. 

Monday: we made the drive home in the morning and both kids fell asleep, which was wonderful.  The rest of the day was spent walking Harley, playing with the kids and just hanging out at home.

When it's sunny and you want to nap, haha

Tell me: how was your week/weekend?


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