Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas? Do anything exciting for NYE? We had a super quiet NYE and Amelia came down with a fever in the afternoon. Luckily it didn't stay too long and she was back to normal the next day.

Over the Christmas break, my mom flew in to spend Christmas with us. This was the first year since Brian and I have been together that we haven't traveled to Edmonton or Ontario, and it was nice. Our Christmas morning consisted of Amelia opening presents (and saying "what happened out here?" when we got her out of bed and she saw the presents), and having a delicious breakfast casserole. For dinner, Brian made an amazing prime rib dinner with all of the fixings. We also invited one of my co-workers and his wife over as they had no plans, so it was a nice casual dinner.

While my mom was here, we managed to do a lot of stuff! My mom took Amelia to a movie, out for lunch, shopping to pick out a gift from her for Gabe, Brian and myself. We also went to zoo lights, to the Calgary Reads house, played in the snow, etc.

Christmas morning

 Tell me: how was your Christmas and NY?


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